The D-BAT Facility

“A facility that fosters development of all five tools of baseball is dreamlike for the competitive player.  D-BAT provides just that”. -Kenta Yasuda

"The D-BAT facility is the best facility I have ever trained in.  It has everything you need to work on every part of your game.  It's big enough for a whole team practice and open enough for a coach to still give each player personal attention.  I know everyone on the Goshen College baseball team loved the facility and everything it has to offer.  I would like to thank the D-BAT staff for allowing my teammates and I to come and enjoy this great facility and sharing their expertise in the game that we all love." -Goshen College Baseball Player

"I love the set-up.  It is very big and open.  The new netting is great, as well.  With two boys playing travel ball, I'm saving a lot of money and getting them batting practice rain, sleet, or snow." -Robert Church

"The D-BAT Atlanta facility is one of the top facilities I have ever been around. There are so many available resources to sharpen your game for elite level baseball. Our college players loved the variety of tools and means to improve their skills. The staff at D-BAT Atlanta includes exceptional instructors that are knowledgeable in all facets of the game.  Thank you for the willingness to work with our team and helping us to improve our play on the field. I wish you and your staff continued success." -Alex Childers


"As you know, at twelve years of age, most young men think they can hit and pitch like a pro. Although it has been some years since I’ve played baseball one thing never changes - the fundamentals!  By working with your staff, Ari now has a firm foundation on the fundamentals of hitting.  By the end of camp, he was making serious contact and he fell in love with the sound of the wooden bat cracking the ball.We also had a similar great experience working with your staff during the pitching camp.  Jason really engaged the kids and helped them to understand not only how to pitch, but more importantly, why the steps and drills he was sharing with them contribute to their overall success in pitching. D-BAT has become a great resource to ensure kids get better in order to play better.  You provided sound proven techniques that have contributed to my son’s athletic development and his appreciation for the sport." -Bryan Allen

"Our son, Tyrone Butler, is a member of the Milford Little League. We have been looking for a place where he could train and improve his skills. We chose to enroll him in Baseball Camp at D-BAT Atlanta.  Tyrone is truly enjoying it and his skills are improving daily.  We signed him up for a membership as well. This place is a God send... The staff is great, patient, and very professional. They really know how to train athletes in every age group. The atmosphere is really nice and comfortable for parents to watch their children train." -Sabrina Butler

"The D-BAT camp was perfect for my sons.  The D-BAT instructors combined a strong focus on core skills and a fun environment for the kids." -Buddy Blaha

"After striking out in every at-bat last season, I hit .400 after attending the morning session of D-BAT summer camp...  The funny thing is, I came in on Tuesday.  All we did was fielding.  That's how good the instruction was." -Grant Green

 Birthday Parties @D-BAT

“The team at D-BAT did a top notch job hosting my son’s 10th birthday party.  They took care of everything, from providing the birthday cake to organizing an indoor wiffle ball game.  I am not sure who had more fun, the kids or Alex and Matt from D-BAT!”-Michael Santone

"My son wanted an Atlanta Braves Baseball themed party for his 6th birthday.  I didn't want 12 little boys swinging bats in my house and I was uncertain about having the party outside at a park or ball field in February due to unpredictable Atlanta winter weather.  I was nervous about planning a party somewhere brand new, but having the party at D-BAT Atlanta's premier indoor baseball facility turned out great!  The staff could not have been more accommodating (I was able to bring in Braves specific decorations and my mom always makes my children's cakes as tradition) and the party went smoothly from start to finish.  The kids had a wonderful time with owner and instructor Casey who led baseball drills and games with the kids, giving them real tips and pointers in a fun, age appropriate way.  My son felt like a 'real' baseball player as he looked at all of the equipment in the pro shop and watched other ball players practice in the batting cages and team areas.  My son is already begging for some practice in the cages and for summer camp.  D-BAT was a hit and my son had a ball! -Stacie

"I had my 7th birthday party at DBAT and it was my best birthday party ever!" -Marshall Benton, Age 7